4 Makeup must haves

There are so many beauty brands and products on the market that make big and bold statements about how they are the best out there, but don't always give us the end result we are after or expected, leaving us very underwhelmed. In this blog post we will talk about the Makeup products that do live up to expectation and are really worth your hard earned money.

Legit Lashes By Huda Beauty

First up on the list is Huda Beauty mascara legit lashes. Anyone who is a returning reader of the blog will know how obsessed I am with this mascara. The mascara has a double ended wand, one end for curl and length and the other for volume. This mascara is so good that when they did some research they found, 100% of people agreed that their lashes looked fuller, longer, curlier, intensely black and as if they had an instant lash extension effect. After using this mascara for almost the past year, I have to agree with all the above. the only down side to this mascara, is that it is not waterproof, so I do sometimes find it smudges half way through the day.

Cost £24 / €27

The Dior Hyaluronic Lip Plumper

This plumping gloss from Dior, is the best plumping gloss I have ever tried, I take it everywhere with me. The key ingredient in the gloss is the Hyaluronic acid, this is what gives it the hydrating and plumping effect. The gloss leaves a natural shimmery glimmer finish perfect for a day or night look.

This gloss was created by Peter Phillips (fashion makeup artist who has worked with many of the biggest names in fashion)., and comes in 7 amazing colours, perfect for all skin tones.

cost £25.20 / €37.50

Benefits Hoola bronza

The Benefits Hoola Bronza is an old favourite of most makeup artists. It's available in 4 different shades and great for contouring! This bronza is a powder bronzer meaning it leaves a matte finish. I have found this is bronzer goes so well with everyones skin and leaves a natural finish, yet is build-able if you want a stronger and more defined look. Lastly it is perfect for all year around making it my clear favourite in my makeup kit.

It also comes in a mini size, which is perfect for travelling.

£24 / €38

Maybelline the colossal go extreme waterproof

When Maybelline say waterproof, they mean waterproof! This is 100% my go to waterproof mascara, it does not budge! Its affordable and effective, what is there not to love?! This one of the mascaras I always make sure I always have in my makeup kit, especially if I am doing the makeup for a bridal party where it is likely that they may shed a few tears of happiness. Its also great at creating more volume to your lashes. This mascara comes in two colours, 'Very Black', which as you can probably guess is an intense black, and 'Brownish Black', which comes out still looking black but just a bit more of a natural shade compared to the first shade mentioned.

£6.99 /€7