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5 No Fail Tips for Bridal Makeup

If there is one day when you want your makeup to be flawless, it's on your wedding day. It is so important to brides that many of them go to a professional makeup artist to do their bridal makeup. Of course, there are also just as many who decide to do their makeup themselves. Both options are fine, as long as you follow a few simple tips. If you do plan to do your own makeup, you may want to search 'MUA near me'. They use quality makeup products and their prices are fair. As every bride knows, planning a wedding is expensive, and if you can save money without sacrificing quality, you should do it.


Even if you've been wearing makeup for years, when it comes to your wedding, you should practice. Begin a couple of weeks in advance and do your makeup.

  • Doing this gives you ample time to make changes.

  • Pay attention to your color palette. Make sure it's the one that you want to stick to.

  • Be sure to take notes on the products that you used so that you can look back on them when the wedding day arrives.


On your wedding day, it is best to stay away from trendy makeup styles. These will make you look dated when you look back on your photos. Stick with a classic color palette.


Don't skimp on the primer. Today is not the day to go without it. Use both face and eye primer. Primer fills in small lines and pores so that you have a smoother surface.

More makeup

Your wedding day is a day to wear extra makeup. Not too much, of course. However, you will want to wear more than you normally do. You'll be photographed a lot and you want to look your best. A bit more makeup will enhance the photographs.


While on the subject of photographs, there are some things that you should avoid. The following products do not photograph well and should be skipped on the day of your wedding.

  • Moisturizer and foundation with SPF – While SPF is normally a great thing, it doesn't work well when you're having photos taken.

  • Sparkles and glitter – These can be used on another day, but they don't show well in your wedding photos.

Another tip that you should keep in mind is to use waterproof mascara. There are often many tears of joy shed at weddings, so you'll be thankful that your mascara stays put. The above tips are sure to help you get ready for your wedding day.


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