Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Ever wondered what the benifits of a professionally done facial is, and if it's really worth the money ?

If so, you’re not alone!

Here is a quick rundown on just some of the benifits of a facial.


One of the not so obvious benifits of a facial is that it can actually benifit your mental health. Modern life is so fast pace and leaves you mind constantly busy and planning. Regular facials are a good escape from the hectic day to day life we all lead, and to give you an hour or so to just relax and switch your mind off. Meanwhile your therapist will treat your skin to a massage aimed at activating the nervous system by pushing gently on specific pressure points to help lower stress and anxiety levels in your body and mind. By also lowering stress levels, this is also a very effective way to help the effects of stress induced skin problems, such as acne and eczema.

Deep Cleaning:

Let’s be 100% honest, do you really do a deep clense every single day, even if you haven’t been wearing makeup? Probably not, and that’s ok! Its hard to keep on top and find the time for everything. This is where a facial could help you though. Through a deep cleanse and exfoliation your therapist can help get rid of all the dirt we all get on our face from day to day life, such as smog and dead skin.

Slow The Aging Process:

If you become disaplined with a regular skin care routine and regular facials with massages , this can help maintain/ create collagen which helps keep the elasticity in the skin, thus is vital for youthful appearance to the skin.

Improved Circulation:

Facials are known for improving blood circulation as well as detoxing and de-puffing the face by draining through your lymphatic glands.

Eliminate Whiteheads And Blackheads:

If you are prone to white or black heads, get yourself straight to a professional! Don’t try and unblock your pores yourself as if done incorrectly, it can lead to redness, scarring of the skin or even infection. Professionals have the right tools, and training to be able to unclog these pores without causing issues , irritation or trauma to the skin.

What are the steps of a facial?

  1. First step a facialist will do is clean the skin from an makeup or impurities

  2. Then they will cleanse your skin to make sure they have sufficiently cleaned your skin and are ready for the following steps

  3. They will then put a toner on your face to rebalance your PH levels

  4. This is when they will analysis your skin and determ what type of skin type you have and what skin care products they should use on you. This is also when they will check your skin for any imperfections, such as blemishes.

  5. The next step is exfoliation, designed to get all those dead skin cells cleared from your face

  6. Vapore is next, this is where you will get warm vapore breeze to your face. This will help open up your pores and help the therapist get rid of any impurities in the following step.

  7. following the vapore they will begin to extract any blackheads, whiteheads and deal with any other skin issues you may have.

  8. Next they will apply a soothing sheet mask infused with tonic water and other soothing ingredients to help calm any redness that may have been cause due to the extraction of blemishes.

  9. Then after the soothing mask, they will put another mask on. The type of mask the decide to use will depen on your skin type.

  10. After they have cleaned your face after the mask, they will then do something know as digitopressione, which is where they will press on certain points of the face that gives a calming effect and helps lower stress and anxiety levels, as well as strengthen the digestive system and lower other things such as food Cravings.

  11. Lastly, comes the best part which is the massage.

Digitopressione points