Fast Fashion Explained

Misguided, Fashion Nova, BooHoo, H&M, Primark, Pretty Little Thing and Zara. All these clothing stores are popular for their very affordable and stylish outfits. The only problem is these stores have a fast fashion business model. What is fast fashion, you might be thinking.

Fast fashion is a name given to describe a very profitable business model created around duping runway looks and outfits seem on celebs, and mass producing them at much lower costs, than the original pieces.

What is wrong with fast Fashion?

Fashion is an industry worth $2.5 trillion and is also one of the most polluting industries on the planet, making it responsible for 10% of all carbon emissions globally. There is a lot of pressure to lower costs and to have quicker production time which have created environmental concerns such as the use of cheap and toxic textiles.

The rapid speed that the clothing is produced at, means that there is also more clothing being thrown out by the customers as trends fade, resulting in a large amount of textile waste.

Another issue with fast fashion is how unethical it is. The garments are made in factories where the the staff are usually working in very bad conditions and paid incredibly poorly. In fact, they are some of the lowest paid workers in the world. 85% of them are women and only 2% of them earn a living wage

How can I help stop the negative effects of Fast Fashion?

There are many ways you the customer can help lower the effects of fast fashion,

Such as:

1. Buy and give your unwanted clothes to Charity stores.

If there is nothing wrong with your clothing, and you simply just don’t want it any longer as you have grown out of it or you may use simply not like that style anymore. instead of binning them, send them to a charity store so someone else can get wear out of it. Also try buying from charity stores! Not only will you be helping the charity, but you with also be helping the planet from pollution.

2. There clothing stores online that sell fashionable clothing like you would find at stores such as Zara, the only difference is that theses stores are eco friendly as they used recycled materials and are made to order, creating less waste.

3. Educate yourself. The more you know, the more you can help create a positive impact, and educate others to make sure everyone has safe working environments where they can earn a living, as well as help create a more sustainable environment for future generations.