Ever wondered what type of clothing will show of your best features? For this you first need to learn about your body shape. Once you know what body shape you are, it's a complete game changer. There are 5 main body shape types: Strawberry, Pear, Athletic/Slim, Hourglass and Apple. It is important to note that all of these body shapes are equally as beautiful and healthy as each other. In this blog we will also talk about some of the factors for why your body is the shape it is.

So what do these body shapes look like, and what looks best on them?....


- This body shape means your hips are slightly wider than your bust and shoulders.

- You may have a defined waist, and your waist probably slopes out to your hips.

If you are a pear shape, I would recommend wearing clothes that show off and cinches in your stunning waistline, and pair it with something such as a flared skirt, wrap dress or a fitted top with an A line skirt. The reason why these clothing items work very well for pear shaped women, is as it doesn't draw attention to the widest part of your body (in this case your hips) and brings your body in to proportion.

(If you wanted to wear trousers instead of a dress, I would recommend bootcut jeans, or high waisted trousers as these will really flatter your curves).


If your hips and bust are equal in proportion, and you have a defined waistline that’s narrower than your bust and hips, you have an hourglass figure.

Form fitting or tailored clothes will look amazing on you as it shows of your figure. These include: Body con dresses, a wrap blouse, flared trousers and pencil skirts. Hourglass figures, should also take advantage of belts to really show of their gorgeous waist.


An apple figure suggests that your shoulders, bust and torso are wider than your hips. This body type also usually have thinner arms and legs, and find the first place they gain weight is on the waistline.

Apple figures are very lucky as any vest or coat that ends at their upper thigh, paired with a pair of skinning jeans will look fabulous on them. A knee length shift dress or a maxi dress with a low neckline can also look very flattering.


Strawberry shaped woman have wider shoulders and chest than the rest of the frame.

Famous strawberry shaped women include Noami Campbell and Renee Zellwegger.

The clothing items every strawberry figured woman should have in their wardrobe are: A flared skirt (as this helps bring you hips and lower half in proportion with your top half), flared trousers (as it draws attention to the lower half of the body), and a top with a low neckline that cinches in at the waist as it enhances your upper half.


If your body is muscular but isn't incredibly curvy, you could fit in to athletic/slim body type.

Usually an athletics figure means your shoulder and hip are in proportion, and your waist is normally narrower than your hips and shoulders, but is not very defined as the waist of an hourglass shaped woman.

Clothing pieces to flatter this body shape would be to halter, strapless, and racerback tops, as well as boot cut jeans and high waisted trousers.

What factors affect your body shape?

  • Diet and exercise.

  • Your body fat distribution.

It's not uncommon to have your body fat unevenly distributed around your body. Some people will find they store fat in their mid section, while others will find they gain weight in their thighs, legs and arms first, which results in different body shapes.

  • Hormones.

The hormone cortisol can be released when you body feels stressed. It has be suggested that stress induced cortisol can increase your appetite for sweet, high fat and salty foods, resulting in weight gain.

Can your body shape change?

Absolutely! One of the main reasons for a change in body shape can be ageing. When you get older, you usually get a slower metabolism and a loss in muscle tissue. Other reasons your body shape may change are diet and lifestyle. This will only cause slight changes to your body shape, as even though you might gain or lose fat, your bone structor will always stay the same.

For example, if you are a pair shape, and you lose wight causing your waist to become more defined, your hips will remain the same, as your wide hips are cause by your bone structure.

Love your natural shape

Overall it is important to remember that each and every one of these body shapes are beautiful, and there is no such thing as an "perfect body shape". The main thing is you feel happy, healthy and embrace the skin you are in.