Male body shape

Many Men have no idea, nor care about fashion as they see it as a trivial and girly thing. Fashion can be a very significant and helpful when it comes to trying to become successful. Wether that be successful in business or making a good impression on a first date. Of course I am not saying looks are everything, but by using colour phycology and dressing for you body shape it can definitely help you gain confidence, show off your best features, seem more competent and give off the right impression.

There are 5 main male body shapes, they are oval, rectangle, triangle, trapezoid and inverted triangle. In this blog we will discuss each body shape and help you determine which you are and what will help you show off your best features.

Oval Body Shape

Men with an oval shape usually have slim shoulders and chest, then get wider towards the waist then slimmer again at the hips. Many men who are oval like to create a look that doesn't draw attention of the waist area. A good way to do this is by wearing darker tones, or vertical stripes around this area.

Oval shaped Celebs include, James Corden and Elton John.

Rectangle Body Shape

Rectangles normally are almost perfectly proportioned between the waist and hips. This body type is often easy to dress, and can play with many different prints and patterns, but should stay away from vertical stripes as they can extenuate the rectangular shape to much.

Rectangular shaped Celebs include David Beckham

Triangle Body Shape

The triangle shaped men are similar to oval shaped men, in the way their shoulders seem narrow compared to their waists. A good way to create proportion for your shoulders and waist, is to again wear dark colours around the waist and lighter colours around the shoulder area or wear shirts with structured shoulders.

Triangle shaped celebs include, Michael Mclntyre and David Walliams

Rhomboid Body Shape

Characterised With broad shoulders and chest and a narrow waist, trapezoids are Lucky that they have a very easy body shape to dress, as Industry standards for off the rail clothing are usually a perfect fit for someone who is rhomboid shaped.

Rhomboid shaped celebs include Daniel Craig and David Gandy

inverted Triangle Body Shape

Inverted Triangle shaped men often have a broad and muscular upper half with an accentuated waist. This Shape normally belongs to men who are who are athletes. For an inverted triangle, most items of clothing with suit them. However with a larger an muscular upper body, shirts can sometimes hug your chest but loosely hang around their abdomen and waist. It would be advised to wear items that show off your shape, such as polo shirts and V - neck tops, as this will draw attention to the chest making your shoulders look smaller and in proportion.

Inverted triangle shaped celebs include, Cristiano Ronaldo