The British Fashion Scene

There is no place quite like the UK when it comes to street style. You can see how people use it fearlessly as a form self expression.They are bold, edgy, and distinctive. It is applauded here to stand out from the crowd, it is celebrated to use fashion to stand up for change you believe in, wether that be social, environmental, political etc, and it is embraced to be your authentic self.

Someone who played a massive role in creating the rebellious side and individuality we see in British fashion today, is Dame Vivienne Westwood. Famous for her tartan mini skirts and provocative ripped slogan t-shirts. She really helped show that what you wear can be powerful and empowering, you can not only express yourself but you can also make an impact by creating change on a larger scale.

Famous for their trench coat and cream checkered pattern, another fashion house you immediately think of when you hear someone say "British fashion" is Burberry.

Burberry was started by Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke in 1856, when he was only 21 years old. The recognisable burberry trench coat was first made in WW1 and was designed to help carry and support military equipment.

The now creative director of the brand Riccardo Tisci, embraces the British streetwear scene by referencing it in his newest collects with burberry and in his runway shows.

He has also modernised the brand and showing the diversity of the UK but casting models of all different races as well as casting a trans model.