High fashion items are very trendy and usually very expensive. Unfortunately sometimes the price tag does not always match the quality of the item, and other times you can get a complete bargain! In this blog we will be show you some must have high fashion products which are totally worth the money.


Before getting on to the list, I would recommend that if you are on a budget and would still like to have one or two luxury/ high fashion items, go for accessories. The reason being, you will get more wear out of accessories, opposed to a pair of luxury jeans for example. As you can style them in some many more ways and with many different outfits. Plus accessories are also usually also cheaper, so its a win, win.

Dionysus GG Supreme super mini bag

The GG supreme super mini bag is the perfect evening bag. With its long detachable sliver metal chain, and its metal key chain clip on the inside of the bag, it gives you many different ways to wear the bag.

It can be worn as a cross body bag, belt bag or as a clutch.

The Dinoysus GG supreme retails at £610, which is not cheap for a bag that is W16.5cm x H10cm x D4.5cm but is very good quality and should last for many years as it is made from the best Italian materials, plus is arguable a good investment as this mini bag in Gucci's classic monogram makes it timeless and a collectors piece, thus should keep its value as long as it is kept in good condition.

Nano Monogram Bracelet

The Louis Vuitton Nano Monogram Leather Bracelet is stylish an very recognisable with the famous Louis Vuitton monogram and gold hardware. The metal clasp on the bracelet was inspired by the hinges on the Louis Vuitton trunks. At £195 this leather bracelet from the world famous french fashion house, is an affordable option for someone who wants a designer piece without spending thousands of pounds.

Coccinelle Tebe Croco

This croc print leather bag from the high quality Italian brand is a perfect everyday cross body bag. With its detachable material strap it can also be styled as a decent sized clutch, or even as a cosmetic bag.

The bag comes in three different colours, leaf (green), nude, and bouganville (pink), all with beautiful gold coloured hardware. The Tebe croco retails at £161 which in my opinion is a complete bargain when you take the quality in to consideration. This bag also comes with a two year guarantee.

Over all if you are looking for a stylish bag, that is a decent size to fit your keys, phone and other everyday items, and is good quality then this is the bag for you.