Travel Essentials

Now that many of us are finally beginning to travel again, here at NVBeauty we thought why not give a few recommendations of our favourite travel must have

1. Moisturiser

Like most people when ever I travel I always seem to be prone to dry skin which is why I always travel with moisturiser on hand. Its important to moisturise your skin on a regular basis anyway as it... 1. Reduces the accumulation of wrinkles.

2. It can help lower the appearance of blemishes.

3. leaves a glow to your skin due to being hydrated.

4. Your makeup will sit better on your skin.

5. Creates a layer of soothing protection from damaging surrounding and environment.

When I travel I like to bring a small tube of Nivea Soft Moisturiser. The reason I love and would recommend this product is as being a makeup artist myself, looking after the canvas for the makeup (the face) is super important to me, and in my kit I have many high end moisturises and I have to say Nievea Soft is just as good, if not better than some more expensive creams I've used and is a fraction of the price. Travelling can be very busy and stressful at times, which can make it very easy to misplace or leave items behind, which is why I also bring this product with me as I would prefer to leave a £2.45 moisturiser behind than a £40 upwards moisturisers that I use in my Makeup Kit.

2. A good pair of over ear headphones

As good as AirPods and other in ear headphones are, when it comes to travelling, I always find overhead head phones best and the reasons for this are…

  1. I never have to be worried about falling asleep and losing them

  2. I found the sound quality better

  3. In ear head phones can start to hurt after a while, which is not idea if you’re travelling hours on end

3. Lip balm

A lot like the moisturiser to keep you skin soft and moisturised, its also important for your lips. Lets be honest who likes chapped lips?!

one lip balm in particular that I swear by is Dr. PawPaw. loved by celebrities such as Emma Watson, Chole-Grace Moretz and Pixiwoo. I’ve never found a more softening and moisturising lip balm. One of the best parts of this product is that its 100% cruelty free and also great for Vegans.

4.Comfortable Clothes

There is nothing worse than being sat on a long haul flight barley able to move and feeling like your skinny jeans are cutting the circulation to your legs. Thus why I always make sure I wear a pair of baggy sweatpants, paired with a jumper or leggings. Wearing loose fitting clothing or something elasticated, such as legging are perfect.

5.Nintendo Switch Light

In flight entertainment isn’t always the best, leaving you twiddling your thumbs and making time feel like its going so slow. That‘s why I like to bring my Nintendo Switch with me when ever I Travel. It’s light, small and compact, making it perfect to fit in to your in hold luggage. With a variety of games and with a battery life lasting hours, It‘s the perfect travel gadget.